Brief History of Brisket

Perhaps the most well-loved BBQ meat in Texas and beyond, brisket has an interesting past. In its earliest form, and in a method still carried on today, brisket was coated with large salt crystals and allowed to age in a cool place for about 4 days, creating what is better known today as corned beef. The process was laborious but for our Colonial ancestors, it was the best way to preserve meat. And obviously that taste must have been remarkable since we are still eating it today.


Since then, weve come to appreciate brisket as more than just corned beef. This cut of meat, which was once considered one of the poorest cuts of meat you could get from a butcher, is transformed into something both beautiful and magical when cooked low and slow. This is the traditional method of most BBQ connoisseurs, especially those in Texas who have raised the practice of smoking brisket to an art form. The long cooking/smoking time results in a tender and flavorful piece of meat. That flavor is upped a thousand-fold when the meat is coated in a spicy dry rub which not only helps to seal in the juices but also imparts an out-of-this-world flavor the each slice of BBQ Brisket.

If youve tried brisket in the past and been left wanting, dont give up. The good stuff is out there for the taking!

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