How to slice BBQ Brisket

How To Slice BBQ Brisket

Youve prepared a dry rub and coated your brisket. Its smoked for several hours. Now, this fragrant and beautiful piece of meat is sitting on your counter. The smell is heavenly and you cant wait to dig in. But waitbefore you start chowing down, there are a few tips you should know for how to properly slice a BBQ Brisket.

The first and most important thing to remember when slicing BBQ brisket is that you should slice against the grain. When you look at your cooked piece of brisket, youll notice striations running from one end to the other. That is the grain and although it might appear to be the logical way to slice your brisket, dont do it! Slicing the beef with the grain will result in chewy, non-tender slices. Instead, you want to slice perpendicular across the grain.

If your brisket is a flat and point cut, the first thing you want to do is separate the two. If you look closely at the beef, youll see a large vein of fat; you want to cut through there to separate the point from the flat. The flat section is where youll slice from. Turn the beef so that you can easily slice against the grain as mentioned above. Slice the meat on a bias cut (aka angled) into about 1/4 thickness. If the meat is falling apart at this size, cut the slices a little thicker. Similarly, if the meat seems too tough, make your slices thinner. After you have sliced the flat, you can either slice the meat from the point or chop or shred it for sandwiches or to make burnt ends.

If you are a visual learner, heres a video tutorial to help you.

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